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One Tired Teacher

Teachers have important things to say and share. A podcast for teachers bring you the stories and inspiration behind the scenes from classrooms around the globe. Honest conversations about teacher tired and passion filled teaching allows educators to speak their truth on the trials and treasures of being a teacher.

28: One Tired Teacher Packing Up Your Classroom

There is a love hate relationship with the end of the school year for teachers. We often hate all the tedious tasks we are asked to do like pack up our entire classroom just to unpack 2 months later, create class lists, and say goodbye to our kids and co-workers. We also love the idea of starting fresh in August, organizing our things, and getting a much needed break from the daily grind.

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27: One Tired Teacher: Teachers, Is College for Everyone?

Today’s show takes a look at a system that is holding children to standards that are causing them to believe that their worth resides only in being college and career ready. Is this the message we should be sending to the next generation? Preparing kids to think and learn and problem solve is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be in college.  I hope you will join me as I share a letter that I wrote to my daughter when she didn’t get into the colleges she chose due to the message we sent her based on a test score.

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24: One Tired Teacher 7 Ways to Survive and Thrive at the End of the School Year

Surviving the end of the year is a difficult task for many teachers! Just ask a teacher which time in the year is hardest, and you will probably hear- the beginning of the year and the end of year tired is like no other teacher tired. So this week on One Tired Teacher, we are talking all about ways to survive the end and actually thrive during this time.

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One Tired Teacher Bonus Episode: Why Teacherpreneurs SHOULD Be Podcasting in Their Teacher Business

Have you ever thought about diving into the world of teacher entrepreneurship otherwise known as a teacherpreneur? Most teachers have some really incredible skills, like thinking fast on their feet, putting out small fires on a daily basis, analyzing data to determine which direction to take (we certainly do a lot of that!), and often making something out of nothing. Did you know that these skills can be a great asset to entrepreneurs?

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21: One Tired Teacher: Building a Community of Teachers With Jamie Sears

So today I am talking to Jamie Sears a teacher, who is currently out of the classroom, doing some fantastic things for teachers, From teaching tips to moral support that teachers need to thrive in the classroom, Jamie serves teachers by creating content and doing professional development. The Not So Wimpy Teacher has an amazing way of building a community of teachers that support one another in meaningful ways. Jamie is also gifted in determining what teachers need and then delivering it to them. She recently dove into podcasting for teachers, as well. Knowing that teachers have little extra time, she felt compelled to share her message in a manner that was convenient to her audience. You know how I feel about podcasting! So I am super excited to talk to Jamie about one of my favorite topics- podcasting. I love that! If you like Jamie and I, decide to take the bold leap into podcasting, I have a podcasting format freebie you will definitely want to get a hold of. You can grab it below.

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20: One Tired Teacher: A Teacherpreneur’s Journey In Podcasting And Working Remotely

Podcasting, teaching, and running an edupreneur business from the road is the topic for this week’s show. I take a closer look at the dream of working remotely with Farah Henley from Ms. Shipley’s Classroom.

Farrah left normal to pursue a dream of having her own teacher business, teach remotely, and travel with her husband while living the dream. I’m excited to share our conversation about working from the road. I also love how we dig deeper into some of the hard truths that teachers are facing currently.

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19: Podcasting in the Classroom: 10 Ways to Grow Your Audience

Today I share the value of podcasting in your classroom or teacher business and how this extends your reach. I offer 10 ways to build an audience better. This episode will give you valuable resources that will help you further share your message. From knowing your audience to using social media to promoting your show, you will gain insight into thinking through your audience. Knowing our audience is critical when we are talking or writing to anyone. It helps us serve our tribe or our kids in a much more meaningful manner. I hope you will join me.

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18: One Tired Teacher: Integrating Technology Into the Primary Classroom

Hi there! Welcome to One Tired Teacher Episode 18 Integrating Technology into the Primary Classroom. On today’s show, I sit down with Brandi, a second-grade teacher from a Title One school in Oklahoma City Public Schools. Brandi shares an inspiring story about how Apple has come into their school and transformed it into a one-to-one school K-6th grade and has included 3 years of professional development support and beyond. Now THAT is how you integrate technology. The tools and strategies she has learned through 3 years of PD with Apple, are going to blow you away. You won’t want to miss a minute of this. So press play, and let’s start talking about technology in the classroom.

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15: One Tired Teacher: Engaging Students With Chris Kesler

Engaging students in learning can be challenging, but once we figure out how to do it, we can make a significant impact on how kids learn and think about education. Highly engaging activities can make learning meaningful and fun!

On today’s show, I sit down with Chris Kesler from Kesler Science to discuss the impact of highly engaging teaching. Chris shares his story and background that have led to creating content that wows and amazes teachers and students all over the globe.

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14: One Tired Teacher: A Love of Reading

Inspiring children to fall in love with reading can be one of the most rewarding gifts you can receive as a teacher. Sometimes it can be quite tricky. Reluctant readers often struggle to find books they love due to fears they have about themselves as readers. This is why it is so crucial to introduce kids to fantastic books. Because there is a book for everyone! We just need to find the one to hook them.

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13: One Tired Teacher: Growth Mindset

February 13, 2019

13: One Tired Teacher: School Counselors and Growth Mindset

Trina Deboree

The role of the school counselor has evolved from the days where scheduling and test coordinator were once the main job performances. Many states across the country are realizing the necessity of having school counselors focusing on social and emotional learning along with academics and college and career readiness. It couldn’t be a better time to start focusing on the mental health of our children as we see the numbers of anxiety and other mental challenges increase.

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11: One Tired Teacher: Anxiety and ADHD in an Alternative School: A New Teacher Story

This week on One Tired Teacher, I sit down with Amanda a 2nd-year teacher who has begun her teaching journey in an alternative school 6th-8th grade. Amanda shares some of her challenges with students who are often feeling left behind or overlooked. The ESE population is substantial, and many students struggle with ADHD and or Anxiety. We as listeners, get a brief look at a challenging situation.

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09: One Tired Teacher: Finding Your People The Power of Co-Workers

Finding co-workers who have your back and that you trust and care about like family can be an exceptional experience. I know that I have been fortunate to have found my tribe through the years. I started off with an excellent example of teamwork when I was a young teacher in 1997. That sense of team continued to grow through most of my career. I think it has a lot to do with the leadership on the team and the leadership from the top.

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