01: One Tired Teacher: An Introduction to One Tired Teacher

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One Tired Teacher takes the trials and treasures of being a teacher or an educator and tells it like it is. Let’s wake up this system and start talking!

Yes, I got tired of the politics and the brokenness of a system that seems to have lost their way. But what I didn't get tired of was actually educating children. Inspiring and motivating children and fellow teachers are what fueled my passion for being part of a solution in education.

One Tired Teacher was born out of an intense desire to wake up and speak my truth. So this show does contain an exhausted teacher, I mean I have 22 years in education. One can only imagine how tired I really am!

But this isn't a show of tired complaints and unnecessary complaining. It is a show about the truth. Each week I will be diving in with guest educators, and anyone involved in education. We will be speaking our truth about teaching and learning. 

You won’t want to miss it!


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