05: One Tired Teacher: An Administrator's Impact on School Culture

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Today’s show takes a look at the impact of school administrators on the culture of schools. Rachel, a 2nd-grade teacher from Missouri, shares her truth about being a part of a school culture that values empathy and kindness towards one another, and it all starts with the leader of the school.

2:04 Introduction to Rachel

5:23 Rachel’s Amazing

9:46 Rachel’s Teacher Tired

10:43 Principal Perks

11:43 Community Service Project Idea

14:14 Whole School Morning Meeting

15:20 Moral Building

17:53 The Power of Implementing Trauma Informed Care

18:42 Emphasis on TEACHERS!

19:00 Tap Out

19:35 Building a Family at School

19:54 How Important is the Administrator to a Teacher’s Happiness?

21:00 Evaluations

22:50 The Right Admin.

26:53 Thoughts on Changing the Current Climate

30:02 Hard Pills to Swallow


37:18 Emergent Engineering- Ideas for dynamic school cultures

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P.S. Rachel’s amazing principal can be followed on Twitter @leighmragsdale.