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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

How to get Imaginative People Involved in Your Makerspace

So you know what a Makerspace is and why every learning space needs one, you’ve been inspired by Pinterest MakerSpace Boards, and you have launched your sensational Makerspace. If you are saying, “yes, yes, yes” to all of the above, keep going. If not, be sure to go back a few posts and read about why every classroom (in school or at home) should have a Makerspace and how to launch a Makerspace. You will especially want to read How to Organize and Label Your Makerspace because you get a FREE MakerSpace Start-Up Kit just for subscribing to our email list. 

So now that you have found your space and begun to think of materials, what comes next? Synergy and collaboration bring the imagination to life! 

How to get Imaginative People Involved in Your Makerspace

1 Build a Community

First I want to invite you to a Makerspace community. Trina Deboree's MakerSpace FB group is an exclusive group on Facebook that was created for media specialists, teachers, parents, and homeschool parents who want to contribute to education in a more meaningful way. 

We believe that teaching and learning are inspired and motivated by educators who want to offer students an opportunity to excel and fall in love with thinking and learning. We believe that children are our number one priority and changing the face of education is crucial. We also believe that kids should be making, doing, creating, discovering, playing, and thinking while learning! ~Trina Deboree

This group is growing slowly but surely. I hope to be able to really dig into hands-on learning. I also think it can be a great way to support one another as we build our makerspace areas in our learning environments. Since I have left the media center, mine is now being housed in my upstairs closet. LOL! 

Creating a group is an easy way to get people talking and collaborating. You can start your own! Invite your colleagues and principal. You may even want to invite people from your PTO or parents from your school or classroom. If you are a homeschool parent, then how about other homeschool parents who are interested in trying Makerspace? {I’d love to be invited to any of these groups! Leave me a link in the comments so that I can request membership.}

2 Include the Little People

This one is important. You will want to include your students/kids. Giving them a voice in what they want and need from a Makerspace allows them to take ownership. It also inspires more buy-in. And honestly, you get MUCH better ideas from the kids! 

Keeping your objective in mind is crucial to a successful launch. That is why including your kids is so vital. They will remind you of your goals and objectives. 

3 Create a Committee or a Google Hangout

“You can also start a group, club, or committee for your Makerspace by involving all interested people.  Include the group in purchasing decisions, goal setting, workshop ideas, and researching other Makerspace programs. Learn from others! Reaching out on platforms like Facebook or Google Hangouts makes collaboration come to life. {And if you are a teacher or a media specialist this is a great way to extend your reach globally- can you say Highly Effective!}” Trina Deboree

There is a great homeschool community out there. I love some of the new groups I have found! Creating community can also be done on Google Hangout, as well. 

4 Join the Makerspace Movement 

Stay connected and learn from one another by joining the Maker Movement. Here are two great connection opportunities:


{How fun does the hackerspace sound? Now I can find a place to make my barndoor! I’m so excited to find a life hackerspace. I hope you are too!}

Let me know in the comments if you would like to join the discussion on Facebook, and don’t forget to invite me to yours! Also, tell me how you get other people involved in your Makerspace?

Getting other people involved really helps keep you focused and on track. It’s helpful to find children and experts to help you think outside of the box, help get things up and moving, and to motivate you to keep going. 

What’s up next? Procedures to have in place for your Makerspace. See you next time...

Happy Teaching and Learning!


P.S. Are you interested in continuing the conversation? Please join me on my Private Makerspace Facebook Group. I hope to see you there!