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7 Revolutionary Makerspace Pinterest Boards That Will Inspire You

Makerspaces come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve as a gathering point for tools, projects, mentors, and expertise. A collection of tools does not define a Makerspace. Rather, we define it by what it enables: Making.
— The Makerspace Playbook

Last week I shared what a Makerspace is and 5 Astonishing Reasons Every Classroom Needs a Makerspace. Missed it? Be sure to check it out. 

Are you convinced yet that every classroom needs a Makerspace? If not, reread. I promise you will be amazed at the possibilities! 

Now that you have decided that your classroom or media center needs a Makerspace, how about we get inspired? Sometimes we need to see the magic before we wholeheartedly jump in!

I know for me when I am ready to tackle something new like building a barn door for my bathroom (Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but I love them, and they are sooo expensive! Plus, after reading all about creativity and hands-on discovery, I have come to learn I love working with power equipment! And I love to sand and build! I know, I need help.) Back to my point, when I jumped into setting up my Makerspace in my media center, I needed some inspiration.

Where do I go for inspiration? Pinterest! Is there anywhere else?! 

So before we jump into how we set up our Makerspace, materials needed, and procedures you might want in place (whether it is in your classroom or your media center), let’s get inspired by what others have done or found. It will really get you thinking.

I know a lot of people aren’t creating boards on Pinterest anymore, or that is what I hear- although, I don’t get it. My boards are where I store all my ideas. Plus, it keeps it all organized! A win-win! Either way, it was harder than I thought to find quality Makerspace boards. So here are 7 revolutionary Makerspace Pinterest boards that will inspire you!

7 Revolutionary Makerspace Pinterest Boards That Will Inspire You

1. Theresa Public Library’s Board

Theresa's board is filled with ideas. This board looks like they were thinking outside of the box in regards to materials. For example, they had a ton of sticks and cardboard projects. (Cheap and easy to find!) This board also had links to some helpful information on Makerspaces. 

2. Tracy Mercier’s Board

Tracy's board had over 200 pins with ideas ranging from STEM bins to building with cards and red cups. 

3. Diana Rendina’s Board

Diana's board was really focused on arts and crafts in the Makerspace. Sometimes as teachers, we forget how important creating with yarn, glue, scissors, and markers can be. Actually, who am I kidding? We don’t forget- admin does! {But don’t worry, because I have a standards-based solution for that! LOL} Diana also has other specific Makerspace boards you might want to check out, as well. 

4. Rapid City Public Library

Rapid City Public Library had over 150 pins with a variety of ideas ranging from building with simple materials, such as creating an animal out of crayons to revolutionary technology maker activities. 

5 Caralee Johnson’s Board

Caralee's board had over 350 pins! Her board was filled with great ideas using coding, creating, and even literature that promotes an engineering mentality. She even had some great visuals that linked to helpful blog posts and resources. I think hers was my favorite!

6 OKCPS LMS’s Board

This board had over 100 pins using Legos in a Makerspace. 

7 Mine! Makerspace and Literature

My Makerspace board contains lots of ideas on taking literature and turning it into a Makerspace moment. {Remember how I told you I had a standards-based solution? Here it is! You tie reading to engineering standards, and you have the perfect excuse for building, designing, problem-solving, and creating! Admin happy- check! Kids happy- check! You happy- Absolutely!} 

Are you amazed yet? I know I am! Feeling overwhelmed, as well? It really isn’t that bad. We can do this together. I’m going to do all the research for you. I'll even give you a materials list, how to collect those materials, a list of ideas and more. 

Until next time...

Happy Teaching and Learning


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