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Reading Units of Study

Reading units for second grade. Complete lesson plans, anchor charts, student activities, graphic organizers, essential questions, and assessments for Reading Workshop in the second-grade classroom. 

Mystery activities for kids is a really fun way to teach inferencing skills and other close reading standards with the Mystery genre. Kids love being detectives and exploring text. 

Fairy Tale Unit

Folktales, Fairytales, and Fables is a close reading unit that allows students to take a fascinating look at complex text. Six weeks of lesson plans for Reading Workshop in the second-grade classroom.

Standards-Based Assessment

Exit tickets for second grade are a great idea for a quick formative reading assessment. Exit tickets make it easier to  determine how well your students understand the standard you just taught. Pass them out and then let them stick them right on your “What Stuck With You?” board. It’s a fast way to see who needs what. 

Standards-Based Resources allow you to focus on the standard while determining how proficient your students are in the standard. Standards-Based resources for the elementary classroom assist you in grading the standard with student-friendly rubrics right on the page. 

MakerSpace Moments In Literature

MakerSpace Moments In Literature allow you to do a focused Close Reading with text while providing a hands on activity where students can think, create, share, and grow using an assortment of materials and technologies. 

Digital Resources: Going Paperless

Digital content allows teachers to go paperless while integrating the content area of science into reading. Perfect for classrooms that are using 1:1 devices, Google Classroom, Google Drive, and or One Drive. 

Benefits of a Digital Version
Embed technology
Can be used in Google Drive or One Drive
Access materials anywhere
Access to text for all students
Increases student engagement
Convenient and ready to use

Using original digital text paired with an instructional web tool such as Google Drive, Google Classroom, Microsoft OneDrive, or a Learning Management System, is an excellent first step in trying paperless classroom instructional technology methods.

Intermediate Grades

Integrating Science Into Reading 

Science Homework or Test Prep- This close reading resource is meant to be a weekly science passage with a focus on bringing reading into the content area. Each week covers a science topics and reviews reading informational standards. Each passage is complete with five questions. Questions 1-2 were written in a high stakes testing format, offering exposure and preparation on testing types of questions. Questions 3-5 were written as an extended response or graphic organizer types of questions to develop strong writing to reading connections, as well as offer an opportunity for deeper thinking explained in writing. This resource can be used for science homework, bell work (morning work), small group work, or classwork. Weekly Science Reading Passages would be perfect to use during your science block or during an Informational Unit or after the unit for reinforcement.

This resource contains nine informational passages (1 to 4 pages in length) written on science topics for 4th-grade students. One passage is meant to be used for an entire week. The students will revisit the passage to answer each question. This will support a deeper understanding of the text and provide the student with practice with a close reading of the text.