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Informative All About Memorial Day Reader For Kids

Informative All About Memorial Day Reader For Kids

Finding just the right nonfiction text for younger readers is often difficult. I know I search constantly on (a kid-friendly search engine- Google for Kids!) to find just the right informational text. However, it isn't always easy. 

Since Memorial Day is quickly arriving, I have decided to write my own little reader. I did a little research on Memorial Day and wrote in a way that I knew would help my second graders better understand the information. Yes, I would use this as a Shared Reading activity. As I know nonfiction can be a little more difficult to understand especially social studies types of subjects. 

The next thing I did was look at the standards I needed to quickly review from the year. Obviously, vocabulary is a no-brainer in a nonfiction book. So I thought this would be a great time to bring words to life with a visual glossary. Not to mention a great use of text features! Questioning is an easy standard to cover in informational text, as well. Most kids still struggle with formulating higher level questions. So this reader will give me a springboard for helping kids with asking and answering questions. 

Finally, utilizing text features mainly the visuals is a great way to help children better understand how photos can help them better understand the written word. So I found some great stock photos that I purchased to bring the text to life. 

Parts of the book have the language of an informational text {factual}. If you're currently working on an informational writing unit of study, this little text is a nice connection. Idea: Students can research additional information and add Wow Facts or Did You Know bubbles to certain pages in the book. 

If you are thinking about writing one yourself, check out So helpful! If you wish it was done for you, then you are in luck. Click on over to All About Memorial Day at my store on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Happy Teaching and Learning!