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Teaching activities, ideas, lesson plans, and more. Whether you are teaching in your living room or teaching in a traditional classroom your role in children’s education is crucial. Kids need us to champion for them, inspire them, and love them. This page offers you ideas and tools to utilize in your learning spaces. Happy Teaching and Learning!

How to Create a Labor Day Activity for Kids

Labor Day is the perfect time to get kids excited about the history of Labor Day. Amongst the food and party decorations and the Labor Day activities, lap books and interactive early fluent readers are a fun addition to any classroom or learning space. 

Lap books are a great way to engage your children with content while adding some creativity to the learning process. Lap books are similar to interactive notebooks but can be more fun for kids. A lap book allows your children to have an organized product that they can learn from and in turn share with others. Lap books provide a creative collection of important and interesting information. 

Self-contained units of study
Encourages writing, drawing, and thinking
Can be used as a study guide or a portfolio
Great for sharing with family
Provide motivation for the reluctant learner

Interactive readers are fun, as well. They allow children to interact with the text in meaningful ways while learning interesting facts about a topic. 


How to Create a Labor Day Activity for Kids

Lab book Steps:

1. Print and Copy All Pages

(There are choices of black and white or color.)

2. Put Together the Inside Components and Complete

Content-based vocabulary makes more sense to kids when it is learned in context. Words from Labor Day history can be defined and an image can be used to represent the word.

The asking and answering question section also allows kids to reflect on the text. Higher level thinking skills are used to formulate questions about the topic. 

Mini-books include Text Features and Asking and Answering Questions and All About Labor Day.  {Mini-books encourage writing and reflecting.}

3. Create the Cover 

We wait to do the cover last so that you can cover up the back side of the brads or the staples from the inside. This took me a couple of upset children to finally realize this step needed to come last! 

Now you have your fantastic Labor Day activity for kids to make! You might even want to skip the Dollar Store and have a craft table at your next Labor Day party! I hope your children enjoy this fun project! 

You can also do the interactive reader version. This comes in a digital format, as well. 

I would love to see pictures of your final product. Be sure to snap a few and send them my way at!

Happy Teaching and Learning!