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5 Meaningful Books to Teach Astonishing Matter to Kids

Books that teach matter (solids, liquids, and gases). #whatismatter #physicalsciencematter #matterbooks #solids,liquids,gasesliterature

Recently I finished a 5-week STEM unit of study on the structure and properties of matter. Writing this unit gave me the opportunity to investigate solids, liquids, and gases and how to integrate technology, math, science, and engineering practices. I am currently in love with this discovery-based focus on learning.

Along the way, I have found some beneficial trade books that help children grasp concepts of matter. Second grade is the first time that students investigate matter, according to the Next Generation Science Standards. Whether you are following these standards or not, seven and eight-year-olds are fascinated with the topic of matter. Watching moments of ah-ha and wonder is both refreshing and meaningful.

Utilizing trade books when teaching difficult concepts helps kids see things that they may have found more difficult without the storybook. Even though, there were moments I could not find specific trade books to discuss aspects of matter in the exact way in which I wanted to deliver the information. So I wrote a few myself! I included a link to the bundle of three that I wrote. My hope is you will add them to your collection and children will learn from them, as well as enjoy the content.

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5 Meaningful Books to Teach Astonishing Matter to Kids

1 What Is The World Made Of? All About Solids, Liquids, and Gases by Kathleen Zoehfeld

This book is written to engage students with the world around them. It is a great book to introduce the unit of matter. I also love how the title itself is a question; which encourages inquiry learning. Anytime you can ask kids interesting questions and listen to their own fascinating questions, is a learning celebration!

2 Bundled Matter Readers by Trina Deboree

These small readers were written to explain concepts such as states of matter, how architecture is made of matter and how structures are made up of smaller pieces that make a whole and how these pieces can be moved around to create new structures. Another concept covered is how temperature impacts the states of matter and how this physical change can be reversed.

3 Matter: See It, Touch It, and Taste It by Darlene Stille AND Change It! Solids, Liquids, Gases and You by Adrienne Mason

Both of these titles would be helpful for a general discussion on matter. They both also briefly discuss changing states of matter. I wanted the information broken up a bit and explained further in some cases, so that is why I ended up writing my own. I still think both of these books are helpful in teaching solids, liquids, and gases.

4 Captain Kidd’s Crew Experiments With Sinking and Floating by Mark Weakland

Captain Kidd brings the property of sinking and floating to a fun kid thinking level. This book was perfect with a sinking and floating challenge that I included in my STEM Unit Two: Structure and Properties of Matter. This book also went well with the app Properties of Matter Pirates Adventure App which can be found on the Apple App Store.

5 What’s the Matter in Mr. Whisker’s Room? by Michael Ross

This is probably my favorite of all the Matter trade books. I totally want to be in Mr. Whisker’s room! He sounds like the best teacher ever! I found this book so helpful when I was elaborating on solids, liquids, and gases.

Books that teach matter (solids, liquids, and gases). #whatismatter #physicalsciencematter #matterbooks #solids,liquids,gasesliterature

Teaching matter can be challenging and messy! But it is also fun and engaging. I know I need a little more excitement in my teaching. This unit and these books helped me add that back into my day. I hope it does the same for you!

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Happy Teaching and Learning!


P.S. Need a complete STEM unit on Matter? Check out the pics below.