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21: How to Go From Instagram Influencer to Teacherpreneur

Today Anna Monteil, Instagram superstar, shares her journey from Instagram Influencer to teacherpreneur. Anna’s path is unique and inspiring for all teachers who think you can’t break into the teacherpreneurial world without having jumped in years ago. Anna breaks all the rules and shows us all that we can start whenever we are ready! (And maybe before we are ready! LOL)

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8: Going Above and Beyond the Product: A Conversation with Jamie Sears

In today’s market place for teachers, it isn’t enough to have great products. In fact, your products need to be outstanding, and you need to be able to share them with teachers. Sometimes the message gets lost in a sea of other teacherpreneurs and life. So as businessmen and women, we need to do some marketing to get our resources into the hands of teachers.

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7: How to Build Relationships Using Instagram

Jamie Jasperson shares her vast wisdom about Instagram and how important it is to shift your seller focus on Instagram into a more focused approach of building relationships and sharing who you are with your followers. Jamie gives me some much-needed advice on how to navigate the world of Instagram and shows me the value of using this powerful platform to increase your connections with your audience.

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4: Marketing For Teacherpreneurs

I am excited to have Alissa McDonald from Alissa and creator of the Teacher Hustle University and the Teacher Hustle Facebook Group. Alissa wears many hats, such as teacher, marketing fan, mom, and business owner. So she gets hustle for sure!

Today Alissa shares her expertise on marketing with fellow teacherpreneurs. Get ready to take some notes. She is a wealth of knowledge and I am happy she agreed to share her wisdom and experience with us today. You aren’t going to want to miss a minute. I hope you stick around.

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