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21: How to Go From Instagram Influencer to Teacherpreneur

Today Anna Monteil, Instagram superstar, shares her journey from Instagram Influencer to teacherpreneur. Anna’s path is unique and inspiring for all teachers who think you can’t break into the teacherpreneurial world without having jumped in years ago. Anna breaks all the rules and shows us all that we can start whenever we are ready! (And maybe before we are ready! LOL)

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18: TRYH: How to Choose the Perfect Topic For Your Digital Course

I’m so excited to talk all about choosing your perfect topic for your first digital course. My mentor Amy Porterfield took me step-by-step through creating a course, marketing, and launching a digital course back in January of this year in her course DCA. And today I’m going to share with you some of Amy’s secrets to choosing a digital course topic. I hope you stick around!

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17: TRYH: Be a Crock Pot Seller With Angie Kratzer

Today Angie Kratzer tells teacherpreneurs the value of being a crockpot seller. You know the old saying- slow and steady wins the race. Well, Angie helps teacher-authors really understand this adage. Angie dives into the importance of perseverance, grit, and staying the course. She offers valuable insight into the things we can actually control. You will be amazed!

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12: 7 Timesavers to Learning New Things for Teacherpreneurs

Today we are going to talk about how we find time to add new things to our business. As an expert in all things teaching, we find making the transition to creating products for our business the relatively easy part. Although, once we actually get serious about what we are doing and seeing it as a business, we realize there is a lot more to it. That’s when we have to shift into high gear and learn some valuable skills. Time management, organization, marketing, branding, social media, graphic designer and the list goes on. If only there was enough time in the day. Today, I ‘m going to offer you some tips on how to find the time to learn crucial skills for your business.

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11: Teacherpreneurs Podcasting

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with one of my students from Podcasting Academy for Teacherpreneurs, Miki Leckie. Miki is a visionary who is taking her strengths and teaching knowledge and creating a business she loves. She is not only launching a store, but she is also launching a podcast at the same time! Miki is brave and courageous and is preparing to share with the world her knowledge about differentiated learning.

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8: Going Above and Beyond the Product: A Conversation with Jamie Sears

In today’s market place for teachers, it isn’t enough to have great products. In fact, your products need to be outstanding, and you need to be able to share them with teachers. Sometimes the message gets lost in a sea of other teacherpreneurs and life. So as businessmen and women, we need to do some marketing to get our resources into the hands of teachers.

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7: How to Build Relationships Using Instagram

Jamie Jasperson shares her vast wisdom about Instagram and how important it is to shift your seller focus on Instagram into a more focused approach of building relationships and sharing who you are with your followers. Jamie gives me some much-needed advice on how to navigate the world of Instagram and shows me the value of using this powerful platform to increase your connections with your audience.

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3 Tips and Advice for Teacherpreneurs: A Conversation with Misty Miller

Misty Miller and I offer tips and advice to our fellow teacher-authors on TpT. Misty's mission in the teacherpreneurial world is to give back to other TpTers. She has built a community of teacher-authors who share and communicate about all things business and the mindset needed to run an online store. It's a great place to be!

Join Misty and I as we discuss our journey on TpT and what we have learned along the way. I hope you will join us.

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1: Introduction to Teacherpreneurs, Raise Your Hand

Welcome to Teacherepreneurs, Raise Your Hand. This podcast was created FOR Teacherpreneurs BY a Teacherpreneur. I hope to offer you business tips and strategies and shifts in mindset through my unique and talented guests and personal insights. I'm so happy you found me. Welcome!

If you are interested in speaking about your knowledge and experience as a teacherpreneur, leave a comment below. I'm currently booking guests for the show, and I would love to hear from you. You can also email me at

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