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17: TRYH: Be a Crock Pot Seller With Angie Kratzer

Today Angie Kratzer tells teacherpreneurs the value of being a crockpot seller. You know the old saying- slow and steady wins the race. Well, Angie helps teacher-authors really understand this adage. Angie dives into the importance of perseverance, grit, and staying the course. She offers valuable insight into the things we can actually control. You will be amazed!

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13: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

We are going to talk today about getting out of your comfort zone. And not only being proud of what you do, and owning it but also standing up in front of people and telling people about it. My guest Hallie Sherman is a Speech-Language Pathologist in the New York school system who is here to talk about getting out of your comfort zone. She even spoke at the TpT conference in Austin this year, sharing the importance of being brave and putting yourself out there.

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6 Tips, Strategies, and Abundance for TpT With Math Mojo

Alexis Sergi is the creator behind Math Mojo, LLC. Alexis wears many hats, full-time Business owner, product creator,  mom of three beautiful daughters, wife, friend just to name a few. She juggles a thriving business and manages to get all three girls to almost daily competitive gymnastics training. Somehow she manages to make it all look relatively easy. Her go-to advice is to create, create, create. 

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