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9: The Power of Podcasting A Conversation With Farrah Henely

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The Power of Podcasting A Conversation

Podcasting in your business can be a game changer. As a podcaster you have the ability to speak directly to your audience in a unique and authentic manner. That’s the beauty of podcasting. There is room for everyone and there are also podcasts for everyone.

Podcasting allows teacherpreneurs to connect with their audience in an intimate way. You are showing up consistently and offering your teachers value. Podcasting builds the know like and trust factor by building relationships and connections.

Podcasting also allows teacherpreneurs to get ahead of the curve. Podcasting is growing and will continue to get even bigger in the next 3-5 years. It truly is amazing. The earlier you begin the journey, the better.

The other aspect of podcasting for your business is the ability to expand your reach. Thanks to a variety of platforms such as Apple Podcast and more, teacherpreneurs have the opportunity to reach people on all platforms.

Farrah and I talk about the value of podcasting and the importance of showing up consistently for your audience. Join us to hear more.

The online marketing world can be so overwhelming. And it is easier for people to turn off when they are on social media. With so many algorithms it is very easy for you to get lost. When you look at podcasting, I put podcasting up there along the same lines as an email list. It is a very personal thing to give someone your email address. I think podcasting is the same thing with a little bit more anonymity. It allows you into somebody’s ear, and it allows you to give your voice to what your ideas are. It is some much more personal to be in someone’s ear. - Farrah Shipley Henely

I think podcasting is something everybody should really think about if they have something to share. -Farrah

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