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7: How to Build Relationships Using Instagram

7 Teacherpreneurs, Raise Your Hand: How to Build Relationships Using Instagram

7: How to Build Relationships Using Instagram

Jamie Jasperson shares her vast wisdom about Instagram and how important it is to shift your seller focus on Instagram into a more focused approach of building relationships and sharing who you are with your followers. Jamie gives me some much-needed advice on how to navigate the world of Instagram and shows me the value of using this powerful platform to increase your connections with your audience.

Jamie is a teacher of 4th-grade math and science, and she is a teacherpreneur on Teachers Pay Teachers. Jamie utilizes her skills in graphic design in her business on TpT and on Instagram. She has also expanded her entrepreneurial mindset into helping other teacherpreneurs, and teachers better understand why and how Instagram can be a pivotal part of your business. 

I love Jamie’s philosophy of business- one of abundance and where she beleives that we all have sometime to offer and a unique way in which to share it. You are definitely going to want to take some notes. So grab some paper and a pencil and enjoy.

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