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Teacherpreneurs, Raise Your Hand

3 Tips and Advice for Teacherpreneurs: A Conversation with Misty Miller

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Misty Miller and I offer tips and advice to our fellow teacher-authors on TpT. Misty's mission in the teacherpreneurial world is to give back to other TpTers. She has built a community of teacher-authors who share and communicate about all things business and the mindset needed to run an online store. It's a great place to be!

Join Misty and I as we discuss our journey on TpT and what we have learned along the way. I hope you will join us.

The things we have learned along the way:

Find your niche, focus, and know your audience. (10:30)

Go with what you feel passionate about. (14:45)

Remember your why (18:18)

What happens when you are white knuckling your journey (22:30)

Be unique (24:39)

Have patience (25:53)

You have to stand out (26:25)

Learn to let some things go (33: 00)

You can’t do everything (34:35)

There are different paths on TpT (37:47)

You have to find your thing (38:30)

Misty’s workshop/course {and NOT undervaluing yourself} (39:37)

Misty and I have homework. LOL (48:00)

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