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21: How to Go From Instagram Influencer to Teacherpreneur

21: How to Go From Instagram Influencer to Teacherpreneur

How to Go From Instagram Influencer to Teacherpreneur

Today Anna Monteil, Instagram superstar, shares her journey from Instagram Influencer to teacherpreneur. Anna’s path is unique and inspiring for all teachers who think you can’t break into the teacherpreneurial world without having jumped in years ago. Anna breaks all the rules and shows us all that we can start whenever we are ready! (And maybe before we are ready! LOL)

Anna is THE example of someone who took her love of teaching and creating and shared it with the world. Sixteen thousand followers later, Anna is nearing her first milestone on Teachers Pay Teachers after just a short time on TpT.

Sit back and be inspired by Anna’s creativity and enthusiasm. It is certainly contagious! You also might want to grab a pen and paper! She is full of ideas!!

Anna’s biggest piece of advice is to take your enthusiasm and share it with the world through Instagram right away! People will love it.

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