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Teacherpreneurs, Raise Your Hand

2: Teacherpreneurs, Raise Your Hand: Advice from Teacher Authors for Teacherpreneurs


There is so much we can learn from one another as teacherpreneurs. In Episode Two, I share some gold nuggets from seasoned teacher authors who share with fellow teacherpreneurs. When you get teacherpreneurs together, the synergy is incredible. Even if being together is only in a Facebook group. There is so much to learn and gain from collaboration and words of wisdom from people who have gone before us.

I hope you feel as inspired by the advice shared as I do. Let me know what you would say to another teacherpreneur if you had the chance.

Show Highlights:

Math Mojo on how to come up with product ideas-

“Think about the needs of students and how teachers can meet them.”

Trina Deboree on the value of a group-

“It’s important to find people who totally get it and you.”

“When you start looking at your business as a service, it is the ultimate mind shift.”

~Trina Deboree

Erica Terry on the teacherpreneur journey-

 “If you keep working & continue to work on achieving small goals, before you know it, you'll look up only to realize that you're really doing it and all of your dreams are coming true.”

“Comparison is the thief of joy. You do you. Everyone’s path is different and you will succeed if you keep at it. The only way to fail is to stop trying.”

~Kerry Tracy

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