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14 Fulfilling Your Purpose With TpT

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Fulfilling Your Purpose With TpT

Melissa Falkner, a fellow teacherpreneur, shares her journey through teaching and finding a way to stay home with her three sons. Melissa also talks about how she has created her own path with teaching online and selling her resources on TpT, and in turn, she has taken her purpose and shared it globally.

Melissa’s attitude is fantastic. She has a tremendous amount of grit and determination to make the world better for her own children and others around the world. She is on a mission to help parents who face hard roads when their children are delayed or have issues that make learning and traditional schooling more difficult.

Melissa and I also discuss what you can get done when you have a limited amount of time to work on TpT. There is so much to do. Where do you start?

There comes a time on your TpT journey where you realize there is more to creating products then just throwing them up on TpT. There is an abundance of tasks we can take on to stand out in the crowd. But what do you do if you have limited time?

  1. Create quality products!

  2. Write good titles and precise descriptions. (Melissa shares an excellent strategy for finding keywords.)

  3. Make eye-catching covers.

  4. Connect with your audience. (This can be on Instagram, Facebook, blogging, podcasting, but pick ONE if you have limited time.)

  5. Help your audience know who you are. Share your story. Be vulnerable. Our audience WANTS to know us, and those that don’t aren’t our people, and that’s okay.

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