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13: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

13: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

We are going to talk today about getting out of your comfort zone. And not only being proud of what you do, and owning it but also standing up in front of people and telling people about it. My guest Hallie Sherman is a Speech-Language Pathologist in the New York school system who is here to talk about getting out of your comfort zone. She even spoke at the TpT conference in Austin this year, sharing the importance of being brave and putting yourself out there.

Hallie’s journey began by finding a hole on Pinterest. She was one of maybe ten other speech-language pathologists who were blogging. She then started creating products on TpT, and the rest is history.

Hallie was anonymous for about three years, but she quickly realized that she couldn’t put her voice into things staying silent. She couldn’t build the know, like, and trust you factor by remaining in the background.

As TpT has evolved into being a marketplace that teachers are proud to be a buyer, authors have become more open about who they are and what they do. If Hallie could share one thing, she says-

Be proud of what you have accomplished. Be proud of it and own it. I’m proud of it. I did it. Hear me, roar.

Hallie also offers advice about finding your niche and then realizing when it is time to niche down even further when the marketplace gets crowded. She is a wealth of ideas and indeed, an exceptional person. Take a listen for more.

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