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11: Teacherpreneurs Podcasting

11: Teacherpreneurs Podcasting

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with one of my students from Podcasting Academy for Teacherpreneurs, Miki Leckie. Miki is a visionary who is taking her strengths and teaching knowledge and creating a business she loves. She is not only launching a store, but she is also launching a podcast at the same time! Miki is brave and courageous and is preparing to share with the world her knowledge about differentiated learning.

Podcasting can be such a powerful part of your business strategy. Not only does a podcast allow you to share your message with teachers, it allows you to make valuable connections to your audience, expand your reach on a variety of platforms, offer your teachers consistent value, and help develop the know, like, and trust, you factor that we all need when we are offering services to teachers.

Join Miki and I as we discuss taking what you know and love and creating a business you love. Be on the look out for Miki. This teacherpreneur is going places!

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Podcasting Academy for Teacherpreneurs

The Differentiated Classroom on Facebook

The Differentiated Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers (Launch August 15th)

Be on the look out for the Differentiated Classroom Podcast coming soon!

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