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Finding methods to engage our students or our audience can be difficult. Podcasting has been a powerful way in which to inspire learners, as well as make connections with my listeners. I hope that you will consider giving podcasting a chance. You will be amazed at the transformation in unity you will witness.

Podcasting for Teachers: Where Do I Start?

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If you are ready for your students to be jumping up and down to do research, read, engage in learning, and more, then grab an enthusiastic teacher, a group of motivated students, and any type of technology that records audio and you have a recipe for success! Podcasting with students is making a huge impact according to the Learning and Teaching Library's scholarly research findings published in an article titled Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Podcasting in Teaching and Learning by Sawsen Lakhal. The conclusion of Lakhal's research stated the following.

The results of the study indicate that the students who listened to podcasts demonstrated deeper learning and greater satisfaction than those who did not.

So let's say you have decided to start podcasting with your kids.

Where do you start exactly?

Podcasting for Teachings: Where Do I Start?

1 Explain Podcasting

You will want to allow students to discuss podcasting. Using a cooperative learning structure like round table allows students to go around a table expressing their thinking about what a podcast is or isn't. This gives you, the teacher valuable information. Do they know what it is? Or do you need to give them more information? Do they need an example?

Explain to kids that podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. Tell them that is great news for them because it means that they have lots of room to be creative and make something they are excited about. Some podcasts like Forever Ago and Brains On can be longer- sometimes up to 55 minutes. Others, like Highlights Hangout and Chompers, can be a few minutes.

2 Share Examples of Podcasts

Kids will love to know that some podcasts are like a news show with guests and everything. Some podcasts tell stories. Lots are funny. Some feature people having conversations. Many are educational: They teach listeners about a specific topic. {And guess what? I have a great list of kid podcasts below!}

3 Find the Right Recording Equipment

You don't need fancy equipment to make a podcast. You can simply use a smartphone and a computer.

4 Start Thinking About Show Options

There are so many different types of shows. You will want your students to be brainstorming the type of show they would like to record. They will want to think about what they want to say and how they want to say it. Will they use a news format? Will they tell jokes based on their topic? Will it be two friends having a chat?

This is also a great time to also be thinking about teaching storyboarding with kids and teaching students how to ask questions. Another skill that is necessary in podcasting is editing. So now is the time to bring all those learning topics together.

There are so many options in the world of podcasting. For now get your kids excited and motivated. Because as the research says, kids learn more and listen deeper to a podcast than to other mediums.

This is just the beginning of podcasting. In the next few weeks, I will be going over more specifics about podcasting with your students. Want to stay updated? Fill in the box below. You will also get a list of kid podcast shows and the links to their websites (if they have one).

Until next time... Happy Teaching and Learning!