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Finding methods to engage our students or our audience can be difficult. Podcasting has been a powerful way in which to inspire learners, as well as make connections with my listeners. I hope that you will consider giving podcasting a chance. You will be amazed at the transformation in unity you will witness.

Podcast for Teachers: What is the Benefit?


I have often heard, or said myself, one of the following:

My kids can’t sit still.

My kids are on their devices too much.

I can’t engage my students.

These kids all want instant gratification.

Have you heard these before? I know I have. I’ve even said one or two of them myself.

As the culture changes, education needs to change with it. If not, educators will be left feeling frustrated, tired, and out of control of their own teaching methods.

New technology always has a substantial impact on education. Podcasting is no different. As many schools are cutting back on the purchase of textbooks or even books for that matter, teachers are left with fewer and fewer resources. Don’t even get me started on that subject! On the other hand, schools seem eager to spend money on technology. Not necessarily the right kind, but that’s a whole different topic.

Podcasting is one of the latest mediums to emerge into the mainstream. And it isn’t going anywhere. So why not embrace this technological push for information and use it for good.

So What Exactly is a Podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Typically podcasts are available in a series. A new installment of which can be received by subscribing to the podcast. Some familiar places to find podcasts are iTunes, Google Podcasts, and straight from websites of your favorite podcasters.

What Are Podcasts About?

There are podcasts for pretty much every topic you can imagine. Some of my favorite are podcasts for teachers, Ashely and Ben’s from the Bachelor, and Ask Pat a podcast about marketing and smart passive income. You want to lose weight? There’s a podcast for that! You need a mindful minute? Podcasts have got you covered. Want to hear from your favorite celebrities? Yes, there are even podcasts by some of your favorites. It seems everyone is jumping on the podcast bandwagon. So if you haven’t listened yet, you might want to jump on. It’s a wild ride!

I’ve even dived into podcasting. Several weeks ago, I launched One Tired Teacher. It is available on this website, iTunes, and Google Play. I hope you will give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.

What is the Benefit for Teachers?

Podcasts for Teachers: What is the Benefit?

Benefits of Podcasts for Teachers:

1 Content is Available 24- Hours a Day

No matter what time of day you are in need of information, something soothing, content to distract you, something to learn, or whatever your reason, you have 24-hour access. That’s just as awesome as having a 24-hour Walmart around the corner!

2 People (Even Students) Listen for Longer Than They’ll Watch or Read

Yes, you read that right! Actually, if I’d done this blog post in a podcast, you might make it to the bottom of the page!

And guess what? Kids will listen longer, as well. So podcasts for kids can be the answer to my kids won’t sit still or they won’t get off their devices! Why not a podcast?! Don’t worry, I’ll be writing more on that subject in the next few weeks!

3 Consistency of Content

Consistency is another beautiful thing about podcasts. Most podcasters post weekly on the exact same day. So you know you will have weekly content. You can count on them. Isn’t that a novel idea?!

4 You Can Listen On the Go

This is one of my favorite things about listening to podcasts. In my last school, I had a 45-minute drive to and from work. That is an hour and a half of driving! That’s a lot of driving!! Listening to PD (professional development) in my car was a life saver. I actually felt like I was accomplishing things during the drive. Yes, I listened to Youtube as well. But that was a bit dangerous. That’s why non-video podcasts are such a great alternative. You can even listen as you clean your classroom or jog on the treadmill.

There are some great reasons for teachers or even teacherpreneurs (teachers who have a side hustle) to get involved in podcasts and podcasting. I will be diving deeper into this topic in the weeks to come. I hope you will join me. See you soon!

Grab this top 10 podcasts for kids list to add some spice into your teaching.