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Finding methods to engage our students or our audience can be difficult. Podcasting has been a powerful way in which to inspire learners, as well as make connections with my listeners. I hope that you will consider giving podcasting a chance. You will be amazed at the transformation in unity you will witness.

Listen and Learn: What Are the Best Podcasts for Teachers?

If you are new to podcasting, then you may want to read my blog post titled 3 Tremendous Reasons for Tuning In To Teaching Podcasts. In that post, I explain the pros for tuning in to teaching podcasts.

So now that you have discovered the reason you should be listening let's talk about the podcasts you will want to hear. I know there are so many great podcasts from which to choose.

So you are an educator, or you are interested in teaching podcasts. You would think it would be pretty simple to search for teaching podcasts. It actually isn't! I kept getting directed to yoga podcasts or other learning things that yes are great, but not what I exactly wanted to hear. So I decided to share some of the six best teaching podcasts that I could find. I listened to each one. All five have something to offer. They differ from format to length to subjects covered. Either way, I think you will find value, and you will no longer stumble upon podcasts that don't precisely fit the educator description.

Listen and Learn: What Are the Best Podcasts for Teachers?

Listen and Learn: What Are the Best Podcasts for Teachers?

1 The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

The Cult of Pedagogy discusses teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, and educational technology. Jennifer interviews educators, students, administrators, and parents for all things education.

2 Truth for Teachers

Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers is designed to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators and get you energized for the week ahead. Angela tackles various teaching topics like Letting go instead of trying harder, Who else is dealing with stress and anxiety, and more. Angela covers topics in which all teachers can relate.

3 One Tired Teacher (MINE)

One Tired Teacher discusses the trials and treasures of teaching. In this show, I use a blended approach of hosting guests and sharing my own teaching truth. Topics range from building student rapport, helping children with anxiety in the classroom, to engaging learners, and more. All things teacher tired! The good, the bad, and the ugly.

4 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast by Vicki Davis is a daily podcast where Vicki chats with today’s amazing educators, thought leaders, and classroom teachers. It’s great for the busy teacher, as it is no longer than 14 minutes a day.

5 The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast

The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast with Matt Miller & Kasey Bell is a weekly podcast designed to give K-12 educators ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools. Matt and Kasey speak and interview guests on various Google tools to use in the classroom the next day. I learned about the latest Google updates, and I am so excited that Google Drawing can be integrated with Google Docs. Awesome!

6 The Field Trip Teacher Podcast

Farrah from Mrs. Shipley’s Classroom and her husband have taken their lives on the road and have become location independent. As Farrah shares what it is like to be traveling entrepreneurs she also offers tips and strategies for the classroom, why it is so important to have a teaching bestie, and so much more.

The great thing about all these podcasts is you can listen 24-hours a day; they are available on the go, and they all cover a wide range of educational topics. Your professional development, feelings of being connected and understood, and having company on your long commute just got a whole lot easier.

Want to add a podcast to your teaching tool box? Check out these great shows on iTunes.