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Finding methods to engage our students or our audience can be difficult. Podcasting has been a powerful way in which to inspire learners, as well as make connections with my listeners. I hope that you will consider giving podcasting a chance. You will be amazed at the transformation in unity you will witness.

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Listen and Learn: What Are the Best Podcasts for Teachers?

If you are new to podcasting, then you may want to read my blog post titled 3 Tremendous Reasons for Tuning In To Teaching Podcasts. In that post, I explain the pros for tuning in to teaching podcasts.

So now that you have discovered the reason you should be listening let's talk about the podcasts you will want to hear. I know there are so many great podcasts from which to choose.

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3 Ways to Increase Engagement in the Classroom with Podcasting

If you have been following along on my series on podcasting, you will know that I think podcasting can be a game changer in the classroom if you haven't, no hard feelings! You can always catch up.

In my post titled 3 Powerful Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Podcasting, I talked about how podcasting can give students a voice, utilize technology they are already using, and motivate and inspire students to fall in love with learning.

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Podcasting for Teachers: Where Do I Start?

If you are ready for your students to be jumping up and down to do research, read, engage in learning, and more, then grab an enthusiastic teacher, a group of motivated students, and any type of technology that records audio and you have a recipe for success! Podcasting with students is making a huge impact according to the Learning and Teaching Library's scholarly research findings published in an article titled Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Podcasting in Teaching and Learning by Sawsen Lakhal. The conclusion of Lakhal's research stated the following.

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