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One Tired Teacher

Teachers have important things to say and share. A podcast for teachers bring you the stories and inspiration behind the scenes from classrooms around the globe. Honest conversations about teacher tired and passion filled teaching allows educators to speak their truth on the trials and treasures of being a teacher.

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37: Teacher Turned Teacherpreneurs Podcasting

If you are a teacher who has turned into a teacherpreneur, you may want to consider adding podcasting to your business plans. Podcasting can be an incredible way to make connections with your audience, share your message, expand your reach, and make an impact with the power of your voice. On today's show, I share all about Podcasting Academy for Teacherpreneurs (PAT). PAT is a digital course that I offer to teacherpreneurs that takes you step-by-step through the stages of podcasting from pre-planning to production, post-production, and launching your show into the world. I hope you will join me inside Podcasting Academy for Teacherprenerus.

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One Tired Teacher Bonus Episode: Why Teacherpreneurs SHOULD Be Podcasting in Their Teacher Business

Have you ever thought about diving into the world of teacher entrepreneurship otherwise known as a teacherpreneur? Most teachers have some really incredible skills, like thinking fast on their feet, putting out small fires on a daily basis, analyzing data to determine which direction to take (we certainly do a lot of that!), and often making something out of nothing. Did you know that these skills can be a great asset to entrepreneurs?

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21: One Tired Teacher: Building a Community of Teachers With Jamie Sears

So today I am talking to Jamie Sears a teacher, who is currently out of the classroom, doing some fantastic things for teachers, From teaching tips to moral support that teachers need to thrive in the classroom, Jamie serves teachers by creating content and doing professional development. The Not So Wimpy Teacher has an amazing way of building a community of teachers that support one another in meaningful ways. Jamie is also gifted in determining what teachers need and then delivering it to them. She recently dove into podcasting for teachers, as well. Knowing that teachers have little extra time, she felt compelled to share her message in a manner that was convenient to her audience. You know how I feel about podcasting! So I am super excited to talk to Jamie about one of my favorite topics- podcasting. I love that! If you like Jamie and I, decide to take the bold leap into podcasting, I have a podcasting format freebie you will definitely want to get a hold of. You can grab it below.

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20: One Tired Teacher: A Teacherpreneur’s Journey In Podcasting And Working Remotely

Podcasting, teaching, and running an edupreneur business from the road is the topic for this week’s show. I take a closer look at the dream of working remotely with Farah Henley from Ms. Shipley’s Classroom.

Farrah left normal to pursue a dream of having her own teacher business, teach remotely, and travel with her husband while living the dream. I’m excited to share our conversation about working from the road. I also love how we dig deeper into some of the hard truths that teachers are facing currently.

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19: Podcasting in the Classroom: 10 Ways to Grow Your Audience

Today I share the value of podcasting in your classroom or teacher business and how this extends your reach. I offer 10 ways to build an audience better. This episode will give you valuable resources that will help you further share your message. From knowing your audience to using social media to promoting your show, you will gain insight into thinking through your audience. Knowing our audience is critical when we are talking or writing to anyone. It helps us serve our tribe or our kids in a much more meaningful manner. I hope you will join me.

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