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One Tired Teacher

Teachers have important things to say and share. A podcast for teachers bring you the stories and inspiration behind the scenes from classrooms around the globe. Honest conversations about teacher tired and passion filled teaching allows educators to speak their truth on the trials and treasures of being a teacher.

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43: OTT: First Week Activities for Back-to-School

Now if getting ready for school was really as easy as listening to 5 podcasts life as an educator would be so much better! Let's get real. You and I both know it isn't. We know that it takes more than the time given us to get everything all set. Most teachers I know have to go back weeks before school actually begins. It's a lot to ask, and we are often not thanked for doing it. So I want to say on behalf of children across the world- THANK YOU! Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to excellence. Even if you do it to save your own sanity, THANK YOU! You continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

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