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48: How to Avoid Behavior Issues with a Soft Opener

Child cutting out scissors paper.

How to Avoid Behavior Behavior Issues with a Soft Opener

What is a soft opener? A soft opener is an easy transition into the school day. This unique start to the day allows kids to come in and make some choices about how they want to start their school day. The choices range from reading to drawing, to STEM activities, and more. Talk about an eliminator of behavior issues!

Alyssa Young is a second-grade teacher from New Jersey and she shares her incredible teaching choices and how she utilizes the soft start opener to set the stage for a day of learning and engagement. I hope you stick around.

I’m hoping to build wonderful people this year. ~Alyssa Young, Second-Grade Teacher

Links Mentioned In the Show:

Cool Down Corner Kit

Makerspace Moments in Literature (Makerspace activities might make a great choice for a soft opener.)

Soft Start Choices Coming Soon!

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