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Teachers have important things to say and share. A podcast for teachers bring you the stories and inspiration behind the scenes from classrooms around the globe. Honest conversations about teacher tired and passion filled teaching allows educators to speak their truth on the trials and treasures of being a teacher.

33: How to Recharge in the Summer for Teachers

33 One Tired Teacher: How to Recharge in the Summer for Teachers

Highlights From the Show

Today I am talking with Jackie Waldman about recharging over the summer. She asks us to think about recharging over the summer for teachers as a way to get back what we have lost or let go of through the year that has left us depleted.  What can we do to get just a little of that back. So powerful! I hope you’ll join us. 

“As we grow and change, all these other things come out from within you. And you shouldn’t have to feel like we have to wait for the right time. Because not everyone gets the gift of time.” -Jackie Waldman

In response to not determining parts of ourselves while teaching. “I didn’t allow those parts of myself to come up.” ~Trina Deboree

“When we are so busy and you are trying to figure out how to basically spend your day. And you blink your eyes and your time has been taken.” ~Jackie Waldman

“Don’t look backward. Always look forward. In any given moment, the decisions we make are based on the information we have at the time. As we grow and change, how we see the world and the circumstances change. “ Jackie Waldman

“Taking that big dream and breaking it into the tiniest of pieces so you can keep moving forward. That is they key.” ~Jackie Waldman

“Get really clear on what you truly want and what is missing, and figure out how you are going to work that into your life.” ~Jackie Waldman

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