08: One Tired Teacher Team Rapport: The Power of Team Work

When you are teaching, you need co-workers to feel connected and sometimes just to survive. I know for me that my team can make or break a school year. I’ve had a variety of groups. Fortunately, the majority of my career was spent with the very best people by my side. For that, I am eternally grateful.

I also know how hard it can be on a new team or be on a side that doesn’t welcome you or is downright mean to you. It hurts, and it can be unbearable.

Episode 8 OTT Team Rapport {The Power of Team Work} brings a fan favorite, Melanie Redden back to discuss team rapport and the value of lightening the load for one another. Melanie and I consider the value of a team, how to find the strengths in one another, and so much more.

Episode 2:OTT Building Student Rapport with Melanie Redden

Episode 8: OTT Show Notes:

3:00 How Do We Build a Strong Team?

3:40 Nobody Gets It Like Another Teacher

7:00 Make Time Outside of School

11:30 Team Builders

14:00 How Do You Value Others (Focus on the strengths of one another)

22:00 We Work to Treat Cancer on the Team

22:52 Protecting Yourself

24:40 Is Doing Everything the Same a Good or a Bad Thing?

29:02 Learn From All

30:00 Team Planning

32:28 A Cohesive Team’s impact on Kids

How do you feel about your team? Let me know in the comments.

Sweet Dreams!