Trina Deboree

I’m Trina Deboree, and I want to welcome you to Trina Deboree Teaching and Learning.  This website is a product of my passion for teaching children and adults and always seeking out new ways to learn and grow.

I have been teaching since 1997. I can hardly believe it has been that long! Most of my experience has been with first and second graders. In 2016, I took on a new role of Student Support Specialist and focused on supporting second and fifth-grade teachers. My new role was quite an adventure in administration. I can’t really explain the craziness that is the big picture, but I can say it gave me a much different perspective on teaching and learning.

As a person who is constantly searching for learning opportunities or someone who might be a bit crazy, I accepted a job at our county’s biggest Title One school as the Media Specialist. Talk about a change in perspective! It has been quite the journey.

As one of the toughest challenges for teachers is finding the time to create meaningful content, I began an adventure into figuring out just that. So, Trina Deboree Teaching and Learning a.k.a Ms. Deboree’s Class, LLC was created.

On the blog, you will find content created for busy elementary teachers, homeschool moms, and Media Specialists and how to use it in your classroom. I specialize in Reading Units of Study, Standards-Based Assessments, and integrating reading into the content areas of Science and Social Studies. I’m also sharing things that worked well in my classroom, as well as tips on how you can integrate technology into your lessons.


When I’m not teaching and learning something new, I am spending time with my two amazing kids Emily and Jackson or taking a new adventure. My children are my heart, and I am blessed. I also, love going to new places and exploring or doing something a little crazy- like zip-lining or rafting! My last adventure was to Kauai, Hawaii. What an unbelievable trip. For my daughter’s 16th birthday, we hit the Big Apple! This was a trip of a lifetime.

Emily and I in New York City in 2016
Emily and I in New York City in 2016

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I would love to hear your thoughts on teaching and learning. Please feel free to comment below!

Happy Teaching and Learning!